Strategy Workshops

Setting future strategy for any organisation or initiative is a complex task. Workshops provide an effective way of bringing together key stakeholders to explore developments in the external landscape, drivers of change and strengths & weaknesses to inform consideration of preferable futures.

Workshops allow future strategy to be co-created across an organisation

The workshop format encourages co-ownership of strategy development achieving early buy-in to future plans – a factor which has a huge bearing on the ultimate effectiveness of every organisation.

The strategy setting approaches used in tfink* workshops can be customised to suit the needs of a wide variety of organisations and initiatives, to suit the strategic agenda of the workshop stakeholders.

Outlined below are some examples of Strategy Workshops designed and facilitated by Tom Inns.

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Offshore Renewables Institute Workshops: University of Dundee & University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Dundee & Edinburgh

The workshop format allowed very detailed technical information to be shared between potential future collaborators.

This series of five workshops systematically mapped out opportunities for development of an Offshore Renewables Research Institute to help support growing UK and International interest in offshore renewables technologies. To develop an effective Institute it was clear that academic disciplines would need to work together in new ways with industry and policy makers.

The five workshops explored the potential roles and contribution of the new Institute from the perspective of different stakeholder groups, including, Academia, Industry, NGOs and Regulatory Bodies. The workshops helped identify the key opportunities for the future institute, possible income streams and an organisational structure. This information helped frame a business case for the Institute.

National Design Research Forum (NDRF) Strategy Workshop. UK Design Council, London. 

This one-day workshop was designed to help the UK Design Council understand the positive and negative perceptions of establishing a National Design Research Forum. 40 participants with an interest in design, policy and research worked through activities that explored the roles a National Forum might perform

The NDRF workshop systematically mapped out the views of stakeholders to help inform future Design Council strategy

Outcomes from the workshop were developed into a report and future development strategy for the Design Council. The workshop identified stakeholder interest in: policy leverage, brokerage & collaboration, gathering an evidence base, developing design researchers, defining design research and communicating the value of research.

Scottish Renewables Strategy Away Day. Glasgow

This half day workshop for members of the Board of Scottish Renewables and key members of the executive team provided an opportunity to look at the future strategic direction of this membership organisation. Structured workshop activities allowed future plans to be developed and scrutinised from both an operational and governance perspective.

University Strategy Workshops. Numerous

Setting strategy for universities is a complex process requiring a clear understanding of changes in the external landscape, cognisance of institutional values and consideration of competition and future positioning. Staff, students and stakeholders all have a valuable contribution to make to the strategy setting process. Tom Inns has used a workshop format to develop strategy in many different Higher Education Institutions. A wide variety of methods and approaches can be used to structure thinking and capture feedback.