In our increasingly complex world we need to collaborate more than ever in order to understand the challenges we face, develop solutions and deliver change.

In 2020 we have all found ourselves working in new ways with distributed teams, online communication and a greater need than ever for innovation in the way we deliver projects, products and services. Ensuring effective collaboration in the ‘new normal’ requires careful facilitation.

Cofink offers this support, designing carefully choreographed face-to-face and online workshops that encourage participants to step back and build a shared understanding of challenges before co-developing solutions. Outcomes are carefully captured and translated into reports, visualisations and strategy maps that ensure the investment in collaboration is delivering on the needs and ambitions of both participants and those commissioning facilitation.

When we bring people together to share knowledge and develop ideas, their different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds can help generate highly innovative solutions. Carefully designed and skilfully facilitated workshops help ensure group discussions are as effective as possible.

The workshops described on this website deal with three key challenges faced by every organisation; the mapping of knowledge, the setting of strategy and the delivery of innovation.

The workshops have been structured to allow exploration of both broad context and detail – workshop participants bring their wide experience, tacit knowledge and individual perspectives. Through structured discussion each workshop has delivered new insights, innovations and connections. Many of the workshops have led to the development of detailed strategy maps to inform future organisational activity.

Taking a structured approach to workshop design and delivery will help ensure this strategic investment has the maximum possible impact. Skilfully facilitated workshops can be a very effective way of bringing new ways of working into an organisation.

The workshops have used carefully designed methods to unlock creativity – to generate ideas, but also to evaluate concepts systematically and develop achievable future plans.

The workshops have been choreographed to capture information, insights and new knowledge – the format and structure of all workshop materials has been carefully planned to align with the future information needs of stakeholders.

All the workshops have been designed and facilitated by Tom Inns. Over the last 25 years Tom has held many senior leadership positions – always delivering on a major change agenda. Tom has considerable experience in using workshops as a way of pooling knowledge, setting strategy and driving innovation, particularly in businesses the university sector and for interdisciplinary projects

To contact Tom Inns – email: tom@cofink.co.uk